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How much pressure is used and will it damage anything on my home/building?
We typically only use high pressure on concrete and brick, such as on many commercial pressure washing jobs or driveways. We use an adjustable pressure washing wand that allows us to control the amount of pressure used. Pressure washing Charleston homes always entails large amounts of mold and mildew, therefore on sensitive surfaces such as siding, paint, stucco, roofs or around windows, wepressure wash with very low pressure and allow our light chemical mixture and heat to do much of the work.
Is Tidal South Pressure Washing, LLC properly insured?
Yes, we carry full liability and equipment insurance and have all proper licenses and permits.
Do you use HOT Water?
Yes, we have a diesel burner which allows us water output between 100 and 212 degrees. This ensures that the surface is cleaned thoroughly and efficiently and gives us the ability to remove substances such as gum and grease with extreme ease. Hot water is key to commercial pressure washing and is also a great asset in pressure washing Charleston homes.
How often should we pressure wash?
We typically set up residential pressure washing annually for residents in Charleston and Mt. Pleasant. Commercial pressure washing accounts can be monthly (restaurants), quarterly (shopping centers), semi-annually, or annually (buildings), depending on the need.
Does Tidal South Pressure Washing offer other services in Charleston, SC?
In Charleston and Mt. Pleasant we offer commercial and residential cleaning, painting, parking lot striping, concrete staining, and many other services. We can also provide you with fantastic references for landscaping, tree removal, tile, asphalt and concrete work, carpentry, and many other trades. Just ASK!!
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